Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tinfoil Flowers and Stars

is the story that I have written for Tripod. Its not ver Leicester based (really) and is generally a bit odd but novermind. They'll either like it or hate it and i wont care...
Its a first person again with travel (as all my stories seems to be at teh moment) the narrator is a bit bonkers and has left a cult. She is the type of person who escapes and runs away all the time but she knows that she cant run away from and escape her city. thing is she finds that (contradictary) comforting in some ways, smothering in others.
The form is what is most differnt from my other things. I went against Kris Siefkens advice, all those months ago now, and fragmanted it about like I used to. Its not really a return to the style I used to have, more of using it properly now!

and I have a class tonight but all I want to do is go to hte pub. When I used to go to these classes before Lucy said it was well funny when i got home cos id spend at least 10 mins trying to get my key in the door!

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Lucy Ann Wade said...

Yeah, that was the case with me on Wednesday night. Was quite squiffy!