Monday, November 20, 2006

Septic Dive

Now, A Friend of mine thought I wouldn't care about a post he put on a forum that i Frequent. The post concerned itself with a Club that he used to go to in Birmingham when he was too small to be out drinking and that club burning down.
To be fair it did make me think, what if My special little club had disapeared overnight? I used ot go to a right minging dive called Sector 5 (or Septic Dive) and it did reopen a little while ago, only to close back down again in a "blink and you miss it" way. Y'see, it didn't have the custom, nobody who used to go would really bother going more than once for novelty factor (and I do fall into that category, I must admit) and the ratkids think its all passe (which I suppose it is). So it feels a bit like it's a feeling, it's a place and situation that was specifically unique to Leicester that has gone :(
so as a part of imortalising the past, cos thats kinda what writing does, I stareted a short story about secktor, about the people who used to go there, about the generics and politics and everyhting else that it was about cos for some people it is a bit of Leicester history, perhaps not that intense or anything, but it was a breading ground for artists and witers and cooks and dustbin men and civil servents and dole-ites and students and really it was one of the only places that held so much diverse potential!
I set the plot on the night that a pepper bomb was set off in the club and about the people who did it. Its got made up people in it, it's got real people in it. But I really can't say which are which!

I thought about putting it in for Tripod. I'm really enjoying creating this story! but am not too sure if its really relivant!

I keep trying to load pics onto my blog and htey just wont do at the moment! right am gonna see if i can load up anything! Now the horse pic is what happens if you google my name on images. I'm worried!


Alex said...

Where's the rest of that horse?! Its jst a head and two front legs...How does it stay upright?
That horse get two thumbs down.
Bad horse.

poopy47000 said...

that horse is freaky... xxx

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

first teh cow, now hte horse! I just keep finding strange animals on google image!