Saturday, November 25, 2006

Jack the Ripper

Last night i watched that dredful movie "from Hell" becasue I heard that Johnny Depp was in it being a laudinum consuming, absinthe drinking, opium smoking victorian. I was obviously disapointed on actually seeing the film, cos it was pretty awful (and kept turning into a bad version of a Nine Inch Nails video whenever he actually smoked any opium) and his accent was terrible - I mean even worse than Keanu Reeves in Dracula - and the plot holes really put me off the film as a whole.

Anyway - I'm no Barry Norman - It did however spark my intrest into looking into Jack the Ripper and various serial killer type things... very mid to late nineties i know - perhaps I should start writing "Natrual Born Killers 2: The revenge of Juilet Lewis's Mullett" but perhaps not.

the real thing about it was the dark side of a society that was supposedly so prim and proper having this dark seedy underside. I have no desire to write an gothinc or horror book or stories but these slightly scarier bits of the world where things like this can heppen seem to keep resurfacing and being present in my writing.

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Crumbs said...

I personally thought From Hell was an unbelievably good movie, a brilliant portrayal of a society corrupted to the core. The entire film is summed-up in one shot: The camera swoops-down from the sky, and unto the English streets, where everyone is fighting or drinking or having sex - and the ending of the movie proves this (*spoiler* he was the killer *ended*)

Johnny Depp's performance was sensational - it wasn't as good (or memorable) as what he offered in Jack Sparrow, but I think he gave the role a kind of amusement that not many other actors could have done.

There weren't many plot-holes, either; but I do admit knowing a bit about Jack the Ripper could have helped (Philip Sugden's The Complete History of Jack the Ripper stands-out as the best book on the subject).

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Damien G Walter said...

Try reading the orignal graphic novel of From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell. 200 million times better than the film.

Alex said...

^True. Moore's been mightily pissed off with all of the film adaptations of his comic books. they weren't great.

Little known fact: Jack the ripper was a secret shopper.