Saturday, November 25, 2006

And I am still writing plays

allthough I still have a differing desire and animosity for theatre and its various inadiquacys. I began writing somehting yesterday and ploughed out a scene. Ive planned some more scenes in my head but as per fucking usual I am not really too sure what I'm trying to say and the structure is suffereing - but hey its a first draft - first drafts are supposed to be shit.

Its actually quite realistic to be 100% honest. I havent changed any names, I have only downgraded the ammount of people involved. Dan, Kez and Helen always said one of us should write a book about the times we spent together - I recona play would be more hard hitting.

anyway - the characters are kinda real, the setting is 1998 and its actually really hard to think about how we used to cope back then! If we got up to one tenth of the stuff we gor upto then we'd all have CRASBO's! and its just little things - mobile phones and internet and stuff... a lot of things were just done spontanious and on trust.

there are a few bits and bobs, a few scenes and stuff that are based on real shit that happened to us - its actually really fun to write! I stole the idea of creating a message on an answerphone and then erasing it from a play that someone was talikng about on Thursday and my opening scene is set in a phone box (no Bill and Ted) so its a bit odd. I keep jotting down if scenes are exterior or interior but i recon thats more for redrafting rather than being a screen writer.

my characters need more substance and stuff but i recon i might just write it and then see what happens. i have all today and tomorrow to devote to it if i dont sleep all day / eat all day/ sloth about all day!

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