Monday, November 13, 2006

how bad is it to be inspired by Eastenders?

cos for Moo Mentum I have decided to abandon the 2 ideas I originally had and go for something more mid-road. The ideas i had before are ones that are too good for me to do justice to at thi moment and I'm still learning... I will go back to them whne I know more about theatre and more about my own limitations as a writer (and perhaps if i get more confidence too!)
the idea that seems more fitting for my talents today is inspired by Friday nights eastenders (bad), but the whole storyline about Stacey Slater and her bi-polar mum really struck a chord with me! combine that with Sheela Deleghne's Taste of Honey ans the last act of Top Girls and, of course, John Hughes's 16 candles and I think I knopw what I might be doing!


morphean ramble said...


morphean ramble said...

that was supposed to be diagonal, gay blogging blogspot blogger ad all its attendant sexual diseases

Damien G Walter said...

Soap sells. When you cut away the hype most 'classic' literature isn't much more than an episode of Eastenders with big words and a subtext added. Son avenges fathers murder by uncle whilst forming incestuous relationshsip with mother and driving girlfriend to suicide. Its either the 1995 Ian Beal plot or Hamlet, I get confused...

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

Nothing wrong with being a sellout! I like being a sellout! Sellout's get £30k salerys!