Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gwen Stafanni Got it Wrong

Well as I said in the before post about not doing random side projects... I lied. Have just had an idea for a random non writing related side project...

Trinny and Suzannah style Zine that details all the different types and fashions that you get to see around the midlands. Photos and then details of where the bits and peices came from / how much they cost.

Someone I used to know (before they were elliminated by me) Had a book on Harajuku Fashion taken on the streets of Japan. He said it was his porn, (but then again he was a bit special needs) but I suppose erase the weirdo and the actual book itself was a fantastic idea to highlight the creativity and diversity of a population through what they wore! Really, the only difference was Japan being used! Using Leicester and Nottingham and Birmingham totally removes the exotic and impossible feeling of the book and replaces it with something DIY and utterly do-able.

All I need is Charisse and Lucy H to get this underway. Arts council funding for the actual production costs. make it buyable on the net and perhaps even free to get the colourful if somewhat weird fashion out there. Perhaps local adverts too and make it a free zine.

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