Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Green and Unplesent Land

Everyone - Please remind me to do this

Green and Unpleasant Land(Provisional Title)The InkerMen want to produce a book of English folk, mythology and supernatural tales that either reinterprets existing tales or mythologizes existing buildings and sites previously unwritten. Our attempt is not to contemporise historical work but rather to relocate it and provide alternate readings of England’s green and (un)pleasant land. We are looking for stories of England that touch on the hidden sides of its culture, history, future, geography, mythology and folklore. Stories can be in a variety of genres.Stories should be between 3000-5000 words and should be original work not under consideration with another publisher. Send proposals of between 250-300 words to the publishers by 31st December 2006. Acceptance of the proposal does not constitute a guarantee of publication but full editorial comments will be sent with recommendations for improvement.First Draft after proposal acceptance: 28th February 2007We aim to publish the book in July 2007. Contributors will receive a copy of the book with an inlaid bookplate with signatures of all the contributors.this is their website:

and along with the story for Tripod that's quite a big-e to pull out of my ass by December.

Got no ideas for the dammed thing tho!

Oh yeah and the pic is cos the premis of the comp reminds me a bit of Blake


Lucy Ann Wade said...

I have several ideas for this - na na na na na! :-P

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