Tuesday, November 28, 2006

pains in the ass!

I've not been writing yesterday and the simple reason is i feel like i have been punched in the face (allthough i know i havent) It really hurts and I have a sneaking suspicion that its annother bloody STY forming from my stressed out, super unhelthy lifestyle.

Must stop skipping dinner and saying "wine is a food"
Must stop skipping breakfast only to sucumb to McDonnalds bagels before 10am
Must stop chain smoking cigerettes until throat bleeds
Must stop having cravings for cider, not scrumpy but proper ace white cider and wanting a dog on tatty peice of string.
Must begin writing and be dedicated to the current project that I am working on rather than 20 different scatty projects
Must stop spending all money in Primark, Dolly Mixture and Gald Rags and Charity Shops and getting depressed about not buying new dresses.
Must find new haircut. (<- Whaddya think? Recon It'll suit me?)

on other news I'm currently reading "Silent Bob Speaks" which has had no impact on writing or general wellbeing but Its really funny... anyone whos a fan of the Kevin Smith films will know what I'm on about


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morphean ramble said...

get the sov', I think it'll look ace.