Sunday, November 05, 2006

G 2 da A 4 da MAX!!!

No, I havent suddenly grown dyslexia (well, more dyslexia!) I was rappin' and being down with the kids on da street...
Must stop the hiphop speak now! Its all from living with Charisse I tell thee, her and her hipity hopity and bogeling to Jazzy Jeff and the fresh prince... Anyway, to stop me rambling anymore this post is actually (again) about Grants for the arts! I HAVE ACTUALLY DONE THE SODDING FORM AND APPLICATION AND ITS GONE!!!! GONE I TELL YOU!!!! Those who know me, this form has beed doing my head in for the past 6 months or so and I've actually done it!
So now a great big weight has been freed from my brain and floated away into the atmosphere and I feel like I can relax again (or at least until I turn my head onto the next project... Ladyfest, novels, momentum eek!!!)
and I bet they will still take opne look at it and just go "nah mate, no fucking way" and put the whole package in hte bin! Oh why oh why cant I just be positive?

Anyway, on a slightly differing note here... I have become strangly aware that a lot of writers I meet seem to have little "life experince" and when I say "life experince" I mean going out and enjoying oneself and getting "ratted" for the sake of getting "ratted"
So that is exactly what I did on friday night. I was supposed to go and see DJ Yoda (if anybody knows who he is) but it was dead expensive so I decided to dedicate the evening to doing my grant application and sorting it all out etc... Obviously a Friday night on da narb (back to hte hiphop speak again - sorry) dosent go that way and i got dragged out, to Sams bar (only for one i kept telling myslef... how nieve) Obviously in hte end i got dragged somewhere, not Yoda may i point out but somekescreen and I really thought about it when I was there, that it was possibly inappropriate to go and see Yoda when Smokescreen are the "up and comings" of the day (they really are just normal people, struggling musicians, just like most people i know) were playing and for a bit I really felt like I was kinda supporting young artists kinda... (cept i obviously didnt have to pay to get in or anything)
and, most importantly, it was FUN!
here check them out

oh yeah and the pic is what me and Angie looked like when we went out!!!! (no not really!)

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