Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Middle Road

is where I seem to be treding with this play that I wrote 2 pages of last night when I was absolutly shattered and pissed off and worried and everything...
And its about two sisters that symbolise everything thats different between people, like real exaggerations of each other.
and it sounds pants, and not exactly my type of thing at all, but sometimes you need to take the middle road to please people.
there is nothing about newspapers that i want to put in it tho!!!
Its because i feel totally frustrated, in my "want to run before walk" mentality, i want to be able to write these good lays that I would actually like to see, but instead my talents seem to be so washed out and underdeveloped i have to take the "good / bad" approach that is so pants!


morphean ramble said...

i concur

morphean ramble said...

oh, now there's something there I no longer concur.

It took me so long to reach the point where I don't give a bilocating fuck about what people think I *should* write that I cry a little bit every night about all the wasted time.

Write what you want, fuck 'being able', just do it

Don't settle for somehting that isn't what you want to write - those pieces you were working on have a billion times more life than this thing that is only ever going to be an approximation of what you think someone wants to see, not actually what someone wants to see.

Lucy Ann Wade said...

Can I just clarify with you all that the Momentum 'homework' wasn't 'you must write a play about something in the news', it was 'bring an article that you think could be dramatised to the session on the 23rd'.
If we're following the same exercises as last time, which seems to be the case so far, then we'll spend maybe half the workshop explaining why we liked the story, and then Amanda will give us a writing exercise to do, possibly based on our own story, or one that she has found. Nowt to stress about!
Oh and Sabrina - if you wanna write this play about the sisters, then write it. Don't worry about labels, and don't stereotype yourself into only being able to write one type of play. And don't patronise other genres. Writing a play is difficult, regardless of whether it's about incestuous rapists or whether its about a little old couple who own a tea shop. It's what the play is 'about' that matters.