Saturday, November 18, 2006

I Missed a Day

I keep thinking its Friday 'cos yesterday I didn't wake up till 3 and went bed at 9 after getting a text from Andy and Spohie asking if I wanted to go out drinking again. But felt too poor and ill to even bother replying. I have to keep reminding myself its Saturday and Helena is floating around the Midlands Somewhere and I need to find her tonight. My shoes smell of edam and they are pretty new so I'm really suspicious and looking at Charisse and her cheese fetish. I really need cigerettes, but hey - whats new there?

Anyway - enough of the life crap. This isnt an emo / ratkid blog about how suicidal I can be. It's documenting stuff about my writing, what I'm working on, ideas, ways and meens to improve and make a living, How I feel about certain parts of being a young, starving (all food donations please!), struggling writer. And parts where I may feel exploited / violated as a warning to others!

I went to Momentum the other day and it was cancelled. Man! that really pissed me off 'cos they didnt even tell me, or any others. Shows what TWP think of their writers huh? They can't even be bothered to send an apology email. So it looks like TWP and Nottingham Playhouse and all that lot really don't value the young talent that is about in the midlands. Well, not enough to actually treat them like real people.

Man that sux. I mean really sux. It's like if your an "artist" you get treated well by some but then others come along and really put a dampner on the whole affair. Metaphorically piss all over the parade. It's not the first time stuff like this has happened.

Anyway- in other news, I think that "Tinfoil Stars" is coming on ok-ish for my Tripod submission.


poopy47000 said...

I have not hid edam in your shoes. And I do not have a cheese fetish. I happen to like cheese alot (like you do!) and therefore it's too precious to hide in your shoes. Not fetish. Bought work jumpers (boring) and new AMAZING shoes today :) also not blog related but you will be impressed xxx

morphean ramble said...

at least you get fridays off.

I felt so incredibly rough all day on friday. Stupid work

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

Josh was running around our house yesterday singing "all you need is Cheese" to the beatles song all you need i love so now i think it was him