Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More Stuff about my Novel

Well, I keep getting ideas for my novel and I need to jot them down somewhere, so I had best get going with it.
Firstly I think I might be able to make more of a statistical / structural move by making my narrator cary a variety of weirdly amusing jobs that often change and move about. I'm thinking of making her work at a murder mystery resort for one of the jobs... you know type of thing where they have to dress up and guss who killed people and suchlike... I'm sure I'll think of more weird jobs as I go along.
Secondly, the flat the girls live in needs to change to reflect their chaotic lifestyle. So I'm taking the view of intead of it being a relistic Narb style terrace, its an old flat above a shop that never opens with rooms on different levels all over the place and up all differnt types of staircases... gives the female domain of my novel a rapuszel style feel and thats all relevant. It also opens the possibility of eavesdropping and being able to hear what is above you when your in the bath...
More ideas will come to me as I create my world more thoroughly, so watch this space


Lucy Ann Wade said...

That sounds like my old flat in Highfields! It was over the chemists on Sparkenhoe street, and you had to get to the main entrance via a dark alleyway and then through the back of the shop. My room was in the attic, up some winding stairs, and there was a cupboard which you could crawl into and go into the roof of next door - I was always scared someone from next door would figure this out and come through!

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

Sounds Great! It might be benificial to go to one of the weird Highfields flats and have a look around