Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Well Im now doing the impossible task of cutting and pasting everyones bits into my master plan... this is fun, totoally unmanagable and quite a headache!

so wee are meeting on 23rd June (ironically enough mine and the mole's 6 month aniversiry - i know it donset seem that long at all! - he also dont want to do anyhting 4 it cos he says its a made up thing - also eddy and rece gave each other expensive gifts and went out for a nice meal so that means all im gonna get is anti-capitilist moaning all evening)

so, yeah, things that need to be discussed... and im making a list:

  • greviency polocy
  • Grants for the Arse
  • Conucil funding
  • volunteers
  • deadlines
  • photos
  • DIY
  • rehersal space
  • declan and the internet
  • TWP
  • marketing and reserch
  • workshops?
  • venue viewing
  • accounts and finances
anybody else got any agenda items then email them to me, forum me, or put them in the comments bit.


morphean ramble said...

"declan and the internet"

sounds like a great title for a kids book!

...content probably wouldn't be suitable though

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

hmmm... yes. perhaps not!