Thursday, June 07, 2007

its in the serpents nature...

to eat the apple, and the cave sees this. Starchild however is jellous of the compassion that she shows the serpent and feels that it is a challenge to the connection that he feels for her.

i had a very long conversation last night with Hoffmole about how women and men are different and what power each gender has over the other.

man feel that women are manipulative over sexuality. women, often do not see themselves doing this. men try to attract women via their minds and wit while women do this via sexuality, looks and flirtatiousness.

women will antagonise over the control and power they have in a patriarchial society by mesuring themselves to other women. that is why the copy of "Love It" i had the other day is filled with pictures of women and beauty tips and clothes. it is a) to sell products, b) to show and ideal to strive for and c) to reinforce to the woman that they will never be 100% in control or empowered.

man will antagonise over "his" woman. as she is flexing control and sensitivity (perhaps not in the blatent flirt way - in other ways!) over other creatures he then gets jellous and thinks that he was foolish to think that there was somehting special between man and woman.

now this simple premise is the sentiment behind the 4th scene of starchild and the cave. the cave empathises with the serpant as he is only going by his nature, he wants the apple. she herself must go by her nature and denounce her love for starchild and become a cave. starchild however does not see the bigger picture (as he is still a child) and simply thinks hte cave is flirting with the serpent. he gets jellous and upset and disapears.

and the other 3 scenes? well... you'll just have to wait and see!

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