Friday, June 08, 2007

Nan, you'r a window shopper

Seems like I spend every friday at the dentists. I know its annoying Hoffmole somewhat, the fact that he needs to shelve any plans that he might have for a friday to cope with me fretting all morning then spazzy all afternoon, poor thing.

Yesterday I discovered the joys of Yoo Tube. i know it sounds like I'm a bit of a retard not really knowing anything about it, but i discovered the Levellers live stuff on there and it made me happy. Stuff from 1993 and I looked at them drinking cider and special brew, dogs on tatty peices of string, dreadlocks, fiddle and the drum and all that and look at how i turned out... i just need to be dancing ontop of stonehenge...

jesus, these days i look really old. leaving uni and working has aged me very quickly. its stress and lack of sleep and general hatred for the world. i still dont bother wearing make up hardly ever, i really should seeing as when i and the mole are out he looks about 15 and i look about 60. seriously, people must think im his mother, i bet he could get shild prices on the bus.

today i tried on a dress that i had bouth from primark, its very lilly allen in a weird way, hoff liked it and said it was sweet, but it made me look fat :(

distorted body image day.

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