Sunday, June 10, 2007


With Starchild and The Cave I'm begining to think "how is this to be done?" you see if you imagine something, only then can it be made, but i dont want to be an arsehole and create somehting thats impossible for the sake of being impossible.

So I'm thinking that I should perhaps do something with puppetry for the tree and the snake, or else how will the audience know who is talking?

Also with the sky, i wanted the lights in the sky to twinkle when she talks and for starchild to form out of her randomly - also if he is in a scene he fades in and out as he is fluid and not here nor there. so animation and projection seems to be quite a good idea.

i dont want to give the tree a mouth or to use the words "so tree, what do you think?" as its tacky but for when he speaks i want his brances to move in a sinister / judderman meets the muppets way, but is this too overambitious for an adult audience - you see with kids they are much more accomodating for weirdness, adults are rubbish really!

im really getting into starchild and the cave as a peice as a whole - s'very weird that i feel like this early on in a peice. since i wrote sing sing i have not stopped writing a play nor have i enjoyed it as much as creating this.


Alex said...

Take three (or more) tree shapes, one slightly in front of the other with a light trained on each of them.
You can turn each light on and off as you like. Cycle through the lights leaving the others in darkness.
Effect; a tree moving like a primitive stop frame animation. Fairly spookly.

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

i think that thing you sent me with the actor in the big puppetry person is like how it would look... but doctored so thee trees look more like something from the Metz advert with the judderman!


Alex said...

Yeah, that waould be pretty good.
I like things made out of lots of people. You can only really get a rough impression of how that could work by sketching, if we can get a whole load of people to clamber around and make weird shapes and stuff...

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

now, funny you said that because i was asking mole about the practicalties of useing dragon dancing...