Monday, June 18, 2007

Standin' in the way of control, woowoowoowoowoo!

Well I have nothing of any consiquence to report except that I'm forcing people to be on board on this thing. Semper "whatever" seems to be likely for the name, Sumo is shitin' me up, that kid off "Britian's got talent" scares me with her ugly teeth and its STILL rainin' and its nearly July!
Work sux, as per, and it gives me a headache. when, oh when can I pack in this boring real world mundane shit and do what my awsome genious is born to do????? Why? Why have I turned into Withnail? ("fools! they'll all suffer!").

Marmee and Pops are coming to Loughborough to visit me tomorrow after Marmee has come back from asia. she's tired and still looking over forms for me 'cos for some reason, the females in my family are pretty good at that type of thing.

And on the 30th I have to go to the Mole's parents house for some garden bbq party thing. Charisse is coming with me to stand demurely next to Eddy and be "ideal" daughter-in-law material as I get progressivly more and more drunk and then barf on the dads prize petunias (actually - knowing the story of the umpa-lumpa bouncy castle gin fulled Xmas party that might not be the case! - I might be dragging her off home in disgrace!)

I've decided to buy a disposable camera. I have absolutly no intrest in a digital one as a) i have no idea how to use it b) I'll probally break it c) I'll loose it d) I'll loose the cable thingy 'cos thats what everyone else does e) it's far too expensive f) it might get stolen. I have not had pics since about 2005 when I went to Brixton to see NIN and Download and 2004-5 New year and thats just sad.

the Mole is currently rewriting Mermaids and Drowning Women it's being a work of absolute parody and I'm somewhat frightened. When I set that exercise I didn't actually expect people to rewrite one of my peices!!! How nieve am I?

Saturday looks like a full un'. Shopping for grad dressess, meetings over late lunches and beer and I've got a Babble to attend in the eve - f anybody wants to come then just let me know. (Meeks - I'm looking at you - remeber that thing we went to? Nomad or something with Jacko? well, its like that but bigger and better and stick "Human Traffic" into the mix! Trust me, You'll love it!)

Oh, and have decided that "The Gossip" are allright as music goes these days.

Not a patch on fear factory!

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