Sunday, June 10, 2007

Stop! I'm lost!

well Starchild and the Cave is a bit of a challenge at the moment. Here is a recap of the first 5 scenes...

  1. enter the world of the play. the cave comes on and collects apples, starchild toys with her and we see the animosity between the 2. starchild is arogant and the cave is vulgar and violent.
  2. the tree and the cave - a conversation about people in hte desert, as the cave recounts a myth, the tree mourns over a lost love... this acene is by far the best dialouge wize, alltho, its more like mermaids
  3. the same story recounted between starchild and the sky. this scene is supposed to a) properly introduce starchild, b) introduce the sky c) be funny
  4. starchild and the cave finally have a conversation, the only problem is that damned serpent keeps getting in the way!
  5. the serpent and his persistance. does he or dont he get that apple?
now i need to know where to go next. im thinking the apple is gonee in the next scene and its between the sky and the tree, but what does the apple really symbolise? the serpent would have got it, but why so early on? the tree and the sky are the people that i need to explore, how does the apple and the serpent reflect starchild and the cave?

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