Sunday, June 17, 2007


I have set an ecercise on the forum that is downright impossible and challenging to say the least!
"Read annother writers work and retell it." ohhhh, dear.

and the reason why its so impossible is because i dont know what to choose from. ive got:

Blood and Ash
Was the Cat God?
Semper Eadum

To really choose from 'cos they are the only ones that i have read and can reread. 2 be fair, id like to have a crack at all of them!

Time to wheedle it down....

well i cant do red, cos i had a script of it but have lsot it in the terrible mess of my room.

I cant do Shatter as its "impenitrable" (fnar, fnar!) no, i cant do it becuause i cant pinpoint an exact spot that i can go from (and thats just me being crappy)

for the same reasons - Semper is impossible to do. also i will probally fuck up the dialouge.

ill cut out P&S and cloud becuse they are ones that i have only read once, same for blood and ash.

so that leaves me with:
Was the cat god?

well i wont do was the cat god? because i know too much about it and its a wee bit touchy to rewrite something that was written by your fella.

and ill not do hoodies because its the obvious choice for me (as am secretly a massive chav)

and ill not do brutal as its also something that is likely for me to do as its the whole inconventional relationship thing.

so im left with...


oh dear.

Its chosen because its somehting that i wouldnt normally write and i like a challenge!!!

sorry Hannah, it might come out a bit weird!