Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Moving into the realms of "The Unwell"

Hoffmole and I are both sick. We have managed to catch some weird cold over the bank holidays and even lemsip isn't doing anything anymore. Hoffmole is gahtered up in a douvet, an exes old "special" blanket and some drape that I found in Camden a few years back, coughing and spluttering like something out of the beano. He just needs a themomater and pjamas and he'd look like something from the same era that splurted "the Snowman" at us as a marketed childhood fantasy. I keep telling him not to go into work tomorrow if hes that ill, but I can tell that he'll go in anyway and be poorly forever more.

Speaking about work, I've come to the end of my tether. I mean, this time its for real.

I started in my daamned job in october 2005 and I'm still there now. Its the kind of job that you either have to have no feelings or be immune to everything via good christian thoughts to do. I am neither of the above and really want to find some new, part time employment, that isn't utterly badly paid and I won't get attacked (or at least less attacked), feel like a hypocrite, or spend most of my days screaching at forms that boxes need to be ticked in.

On the giant project news - well... lets just say I'm waiting for feedback from the others and, Lucy - I'll send you an email in a bit. I need to talk to someone about everything.

At least weird Al is gonna be back soon so I've got someone to go out on the piss with!!!

VBA award is closing everso near. It needs to be 70mins max length and the only play I have for that is "Sing, sing" which is shite, comparitivly. "Starchild and the Cave" would be a much better contender, and "Mermaids" is far too short.

My deadlines for the weekend are:
  • Write up sceen 2 "Starchild"
  • Finish the draft of scene 3 of "Starchild"
  • Get hidiously muntered at Stu and Cat's housewarming
  • Have annother tooth pulled out :(
  • Print off the docs and take them to Playwrites Studio on Tuesday.
  • Be nice to Hoffmole.


morphean ramble said...

70 mins MINIMUM, not maximum...

Lucy Ann Wade said...

GET WELL SOON BOTH!! (Sorry, caps lock was on then, didn't mean to shout)