Saturday, May 26, 2007

Today is the Greatest Day I've Ever known...

Well, not really. To be honest I feel somewhat mixed about what I'm supposed to do.

I have a ticket and travel paid to see "Welcome Home Jacko" by Mustapha Matura at the Playhouse. This means I have to take a treck up to Nottingham and then back again for Angela's birthday.

Hoffmole has just left and gone home. I said I would Clean my bedroom and throw out everyting I don't want, but, as you can see I'm doing blogbollocks again. The play don't start 'till 4, I need to get Angie a present, I'm poss gonna get that in nottingham so I'll leave in like 1/2 hour or so. I'm so tired... for the past week I've been doing the "I can't sleep thing" that I'm always duped into thinking I've got over for a few months then it comes back again like a vengence and I need to sleep and stop being so hypermanic. I burn up all my energy and then crash for a few months and spend the time sleeping, eating and thinking I'm a total asshole.

Last night Hoffmole took me over to see one of his weird mates. The man has far too many books on cricket to be normal. Also he served tea with a little milk jug that freaked me out. hoffmole just spoke bollocks at him and then relised he was talking bollocks and then tried to save the situation by pretending that he wasnt talking bollocks. the poor guy must htink that we are quite odd, as we just kept talking about everything we liked because it was wanky.

When I got home I had a real weird crisis. I relised how much writing means to me and how there is nothing i can do other than writing. I had a real "Grr" because I'm totally dissatisfied with my job, homelife is always brinkering on the edge of major destruction and I often can't realte to people at all and get bored and have a mardy and disapear (truly, guys - you think Hoffmole is bad? I was 100% worse a few years back!) and the only thing I enjoy and will wanna do is write... anyways - nuff feeling sorry for my self. I managed to relsie that I'm not too bad and to stop whinging like a little bitch.

Well and in other news Hoffmole read the first part of Starchild and the Cave. He really liked it, which is nice, and gave me some encouragement to do the rest (poss on the train to Nottingham)


Alex said...

Why don't you give Angela something that you were planning to get rid of. Not junk or owt.
I don't think its really necessary to buy somthing new as a present, especially since most people have their eye on something of yours more like hobbits

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

I bought her a pair of Lilly Allen trainers (and accidently bought myself some too!)