Thursday, May 03, 2007


now, I know nobody is going to believe me but I'VE NEVER READ 1984!!! Honestly, I've just never got round to reading the smegging book and people just asume that 'cos I have an English degree and have dreads and am a writer that I totally know it inside out... this is a falacy that I sometimes play along with!

So now I've actually started reading it and I recon its really pretty good! I've read some of Orwell's other things (Animal Farm and The Road to Wiggan Pier) and think as a writer hes really good, but 1984 seems to have so much more thought put into it.

And its effecting my new play. Seeing as the star people and the cave people are metaphors for class and the relationships between the 2 of my main characters is simply that something beautiful cannot survive in a world where there is such segregation. It can be born out of oppression but it cannot sustain itself.

My first scene is a description of hte stage, the cave woman is onstage, hte man from stars forms and upside down, so hes obscured from her vision he says into her ear "It's not going to work" and then he dispirses into the stary backdrop and thats the end of the scene. I know it sounds odd, but I think that the whole short scenes thing might work in some ways. I also think I perhaps got a little inspiration from Mr Mack's newest play "Brutal" for the concept of short little scenes. It's not going to be like that all the time, but just a few well places orta do it!

On other notes "the boyfriend" seems ok... ish. He had a long, tedious rant at me yesterday about how sorry he is for being privilidged. How hes from the M/C, white, male and is totally miserable and feels like he can't have any vent for his mardyness. A lot of that is going in the play.

And you know what? I'm really fucking hungry right about now and there is a chipshop right next door BEGGING me to spend some money on a pukka pie and chips! yum!


morphean ramble said...

It's true, if you're white middle class and male, you aren't allowed to get stroppy these days.

And youre certainly not allowed to be stroppy about not being allowed to get stroppy.

And if you get stroppy about not being allowed to be stroppy about not being allowed to get stroppy... ah, this could go on all day.

Fuck it, I'm off to vote Green and waste my democratic privilege

Lucy Ann Wade said...

You can't blame your parents, or your social class, or your ethnicity for your behaviour or mood. There comes a point when you HAVE to realise that you must accept responsibility for your own actions, rather than blaming everybody and everything else but yourself.

I've never read "1984" either, but I did steal it from the school library. Sits nicely on my bookshelf now, as a momento from my days as a klepto.