Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hubble, #Bubble, TOIL and trouble

TOIL is a wonderful thing. Its when if you do overtime you get some time off at a later date and today i have a day off, unexpected, out of the blue and totally paid for.

Working at The Bridge is the only place thats had such things and its really the most helpful thing when I'm so totally stressed and want to just explode from being at work far too much.

Today I would have had a TSS team meeting (boring), a scour over numhers and facts and figures that i really dont understand and if i'm really lucky i might just get attacked by a drunk homeless.

But instead, im getting my tripod submission printed off at the internet cafe, im gonna go into town in a bit and get a few bits done, im gonna cook Hoffmole dinner and im gonna write up the first scene of my new play and upload it somewhere on tinkrnet that only a few can access.

its actually quite nice to work for a smelly charity. ok, i have to buy my own bog roll, tea, coffiee and milk, but its worth it.

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