Friday, May 18, 2007


...for no reason. It always stresses me when I have to meet my mum and dad for lunch. not because they are bad people, just because they seem to have their own "unique" orgainsation for such things. time is irrelivent to my parents, it just shifts about them rather then they shift through time. they are always very early for things, or very late and i dont understand the random phone set up they seem to have going on... its like mum has a phone, dad has a phone, neither one of them know how to use it properly, htey pinch my brothers phone and use that more and you never know which phone they will have on them that they will end up using... its damn annoying! Angela wants to meet (if we are going to an all you can eat chinese - which we poss will be doing) and due to her infinate gemini-ness she can never be on time for anything at all and runs on "angie time"... oh its annoying! For some reason I get really anal over lateness and not knowing where I'm supposed to be at what times. its one of the few things that i tend to blow up and htink it matters loads! dunno why! I'm possibly mildly autistic!

On other notes I have to go on 2 more training courses for work. Pregnancy testing training and "managing aggression and antisocial behaviour" training. sounds like its me that needs to manage my antisocial behaviour and aggression! I'm gonna be giving chavs pregnacy tests and getting beaten up by them for the rest of my life!

writing news - i wrote the first scene of my play and did some more planning. im really stumped!

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