Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What I'm doing now

Well, after being completly disenchanted with theatre at the moment I'm working on the novel that I labour and Love so much. The plot is thus:
there is a female narrator who has had a very unequal relationship with a young academic called Arthur. Arthur has fucked off and left her for his own sanity and career. Arthur is a posh boy, one of the nice boys who Prince William would know, but he is a complete fuck up. He's like one of the people that Jarvis Cocker would love to sing about all day! anyway, he comes back just as my narrator is getting herself sorted and crashes into her life again. Now he has a girlfriend, an MA and a crack problem and all her problems resurface like crazy paving.

Basically, its a novel about regression - regression, peter pan syndrome, not wanting to grow up etc is the main theme and games - childish and otherwize. I took the formule of a chick lit and made it darker and cynical - I wanted to 'Sylvia Plath' it up a notch. Nobody would really want to read it, I guess - other than cynics like me, or people that hate romance, but I love writing it so there!

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