Thursday, July 27, 2006

Prawns, Playtime and Bobby Brown

The Collection of short stories that I seem to have writtern by accident! here is the rundown:

1) Aeroplane - two women go to see their best friend who has got a good job working at a university in New York. The two arrive arround Christmas and suprise their mate who has shaked up with a bright young student. Its more about how someone moved away and left an entire life and hten the life catches up with them. (unfinished)
2) Pretty in Pink - about a male narrator who is so bemused about the eighties revvival that he failes to notice that a girl who looks like Molly Ringwold with Madonna's dress sence in the "Papa Dont Preach" video is comming onto him. It's more of a comment on retro and how men react to women (unfinished)
3) Toyland - we all know this one - there is a link to it somewhere on me blog! thinking about renaming it "Rose White, Rose Red"
4) Becca and Crake - Actually quite proud of this one, even though its unfinished its actully got the potential to be a really good peice - Becca goes away to university after breaking up with her boyf, she meets Crake and therefore "borrows" somebody elses boyf for company over the term
5) The Colour of Magic - about tripping in 1996. This one was placed in the leicester library competion a littlte while ago. It's really about manipulation.
7) Snow - about a guy who in "Fight Club" style trades in his life to be a looser. Its about freedom and where it really lies.
8) Bobby Brown - a sweltering hot summer and a relationship happens between the narrator and her friend I actualy tried to create a happy ending romance! Its really about letting go and taking the plunge
9) Bernard - a re-telling of Sid and Nancy. It's a funny, weird story about passion and sex and destruction
10) Fuck me Doll - a story about being a bit like a totally fucked up female (a bit "courtney Love") and coping with life. Its more of an experiment in place. I'm trying to create a world from the littilist peices up.

I need to sort these out, polish them, finish them and sort it all out!

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