Sunday, July 16, 2006

my story

well the Tzara story is doing my head in! grr! ok, I have now relised I know very little about Dadaism and even less about fictionalising a character from history and reality! I recon I need to set it a little earlier, about 1917, but I know nothing about Zurich at that time! How lame! Right so far his girlfriend was somebody kinda respectable, but she moved to Zurich, gets into poverty, gets into modeling for painters (the porn industry of the day!) meets Tzara, falls for him in a motheringly way, he has a crisis between how he feels for her and his anti-art causes, then he abandons her, desolute, in Zurich as he swans off to Paris.
Thats my plot.
I just know nothing about my characters.
Tzara must be a bit of a conflict junkie - he must be a bit of the tourtuerd poet / soul. Somebody who can only thrive when he is miserable and can only commit to one thing. he is all "my art or my girlfriend?" Aslo setting it in 1917 Tzara is only 21 so he can be confuesed about what to do with his life.
The Girlfriend - she should be a little older than him, but not by much. She could mother him and pan to his whims and gets shit on for it as he recons he needs more of a kindred spirit type (?)

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