Tuesday, July 18, 2006

More on Dada

Righty ho! I have decided to write the Story from Tzara's POV. He looks at his girlfried and debates over the relationship. She is called Florence (thus named after the great city for art and a direct contrast for anti-art) and she is a prostitute that dosent want to be a whore anymore. She has got herself involved with Tzara and as they are poor, cold and starving he encourages her to go out and sleep with Hugo Ball who owned Caberet Voltaire. He has a bit of a paddy (or ephinany - cant spell!) when she has gone and decides to make the jump from part time nihilist to fully fledgged member of Neichze's army! His love for Florence and his jellousy clouds his artistic and philosophical judgement and He thinks somthing has to go - that something is Florence. Th perspective moves back and forth in teh time of their relationship, covering how they first met, their current situation and hte infancy of their relationship.

PS: has anybody noticed how much like Hitler Tzara looks here?

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