Monday, July 31, 2006

Mermaids and Drowning Women

Ever thought you may have bit off a bit more than you could chew? I definatly recon I have now with this one. My first scene is so shitty and the whole concept and idea has so much potential that I just cannot fufill! Well not without anal planning and a psycho's view of theory and structure anyway...
I just feel that this idea landed on me and I just can't do it justice!
My plot is really weak - best I suppose to just keep the structure and plot simple (if I get too elaborate I'll just screw it up!) so its a 4 act play - 4 monoscenes (different to what I've ever done before)
1. a collage scene - the three main characters speak about their stories and how their stories differ from what is usually percieved of them - its a collage sceene because the speach is peppered with bits of shakespeare, fiction, Hans Anderson and Biographies... Its me being lazy and pinching bits!
2. Ophelias story - acted out with the one actor and more of a monolouge
3. The Mermaids Story - same as
4. Kirsten Pfaff's story - same as

The Mermaids story in Liniar, Ophelias is in a spiral structure - hte epicentre and starting point is when she is potty and Kirstens runs backwards to give a futile "happy ending"

The stories are told in chronological pattern bringing the audience right up to present day (ish) with KP's story - reinforcing that the issues are still prelivant (made up that word, aint i clever!)

The women however do not speak to each other, they speak over each other and fail to see how similar they are.
Any ideas anybody?


Lucy Ann Wade said...

Don't give up! Your first scene was brilliant. If you're finding it a bit difficult at the mo', just break it down to bite sized chunks - work on Ophelia first, then Kirsten, etc. Know you can do it!

Lucy :-)

Lucy Ann Wade said...


Have you written any more of this lately? Don't want to seem like a nag, but I really loved the premise and that first scene was great, so please don't give up!

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

written nothing.
yeah, yeah, I know....
I'm just lazy

kayjayoh said...

Hi there. I see that you are using my "Ophelia" image with this blog entry. I am glad to see that you link back to the original location, but it would have been nice to see attribution with the photo and/or for you to have asked my permission to use it.

Katherine Olson