Thursday, July 20, 2006


I feel nihilisticly depressed, but to be honest I am probalbly just tired - allthough I have done nothing with myself, apart from watch Big Brother, loll about in the sunshine, work and write.
It feels like a giant pressure is building up in my brain and if I don't enjoy myself soon I'll just explode. I did try to enjoy myeslf and went out last weekend to a traveller type thing, but just sat on a crate looking really miserable. I don't really know what my problem is... running the risk of sounding like a mardy bum, pretentious artist type... Perhaps I just dont like people much.

Anyway - Ambrose interviewed me - if any of you lot want to know what I look like its here:

and I know I look like a lesbian and sound like one but I'm not!

heres what my friend said

you sound soooooooo clever not like someone who gets confused using an automaticcoffee machine like when we were at uni! Also it does sound a bit gay youliving with lucy, it makes it sound like you two live together in a creativelesbo lovenest bet lucy loves that!! xxx

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poopy47000 said...

Don't be depressed but stop watching big b*gger and write your blog and write more novels/ plays and basically WRITE MORE missy it's what your fans want.

You lazy writers, it's all me me me followed by tea tea tea.

Two sugars please.