Saturday, July 15, 2006

Leicester's Manuscript Reading Society

Now, please don't judge, I know that everyone who is there is a lot older than I am (and could possibly ever dream of being) but I had to read for them and so took a section from my novel that deals with objectionable content such as cocine adicts, crack inspired violence, theft, menacing boys etc.
It was quite scary to read something that is peppered with swearing and drugs out in front of a load of Mills and Boon style romance writers.
But the weird thing is they really enjoyed it and asked me to become a member. Apparently my writing is fresh and original (to them) and one of them gave me a flyer about a Short Story contest (first prize = £1000 - I really could do with the money, 2nd prize = some gay gold pen, I could sell it at Smack Converters, but I dunno how much they'd give me for it) anyway, the story has to be in the vein of a historical peice so I'm now "inspired" to write something about Tristan Tazra and Dadaism and his illegitmate girlfriend, ie: what would you make of the world if you were Tazra's whore? "Tristan, Honey, please don't throw rancid meat at people. Its not nice."
I could make her coloured, but I'm now thinking that perhaps its too Jean Rhys in the "Lets Call it Jazz" story.
Well it would be set in Zurich in 1919. when Tazra is just getting into dada, she could reffer to him by his real name. His nihalism could shine through, not only is this fellow disgruntled with art, he's disgruntled with everything ( very Punk) and she is torn between being the person he wants (a narcisistic mirror to his own nihalism) and the person who cares for him. Basiclly he shits on her heart and she gives everything up for him (her virginity) and in the end he fucks off to Paris and abandons her.
I always thought that about Tazra when I saw pictures of him in art history classes. He looks like he could be a right bastard.
I was also thinking about Dali's surrealism exhibition in Paris (?) I think there was some kind of naked lady involved. perhaps I could write about the naked lady?
No, I recon Tazra is the key.
But when they say historical, would a fictional account be enough? Fuck it, I'll just send it in and see where it takes me.
Hope I dont win the pen.

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