Saturday, July 22, 2006

Visions of Marmee and Pops

Allright, Whatever! I have begun a new story from a childs pov. She muses on her parents relationship and how she came about. My real theme for this is roots - where you come from - that type of thing and it begins when she finds a photo of her mum and dad when they were Nineteen.
Pops has the impending threat of uprooting the family to annother town / country for his work and thats the underlying implication of this peice. Nancy (kids name) htinks about where she came from and reiterates the love story of her parents.
Here is the story A-Z
Marmee (or Ashlyene) was in a "perfect couple" situation with a fella called David.
Ashlyene meets Pops (or Camberwell) and they have a short liason when she and David are going through a rough patch. The photo Nancy finds is from this period.
Ashlyene and Daivid get back together and she finishes with Camberwell.
David dies in some melodratic, horrific motorbike accident
Eventually Ashlyene has annother relationship - a long distance one with annother fellow (havent thought of a name yet!)
It turns out this bloke is married
She then meets up with Camberwell again and has a bit of a rebound
She gets pregnant and has Nancy
They all pretend to be a happy family.

And in further news I know that I need to tighten chapter 5 of the novel (bit when my narrator comes downstairs and she sees Arthur - she thinks about him a lot and tried to guess what is going on in his brain but she dosent present him to the reader as a person - he needs to bee "seen")
That was a reminder for me!

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