Wednesday, January 31, 2007

So tell me what you want, what you really, really want...

Well Had the first momentum "real" session yesterday which wasnt banging on about other peoples work or being an advertisement for Amanda Whittingtons stuff, or going on about fucking character Arches (!) and it was actually quite productive for me...

as some of the last posts have been breif / non existant due to my exeptional personal circumstances, I also have not really been working on the crappy idea i had for momentum this year and Amanda actually pinpointed why this was


so that poses the qquestion "what the bollocks do I actually want to write?"

and after a few mins soul serching I relised what is needed from me, what is the play that i need to write?


thats the play that I would like to do but have this whole thing in my head where I think am not experinced enough to write it, ie, i think that i'm gonna mess it up and totally not do it justice.

but then again, Sing,Sing wasnt that bad, after i redrafted and restructured. Perhaps I could do it with some help?

and as a recap of Mermaids its just about 3 women who are all interconnected although one is created from fiction, one real and one myth. Kirsten Pfaff, The Little Mermaid and Ophelia.

and Amanda said I should really work on whether the women are interconnected or not.

and that made me think about death (no, not being Sylvia Plath) I mean, are they really dead or not seeing as KP got fame through her death and the other two were never alive to begin with but die because thats what their function is... i eman the play has the Drowning aspect...

ok rambling now, Anyway, the point is that ideas are forming, and I feel that I can do this, allthough I really originally thought I couldnt.

and when I was having to explin it to people everyone was like "thats Wicked, why did you want to write some rubbish about a squat again?"

so my main priorities and deadlines:
  • Daddy was Like the Autumn - compleated about this time next year
  • Mermaids and Drowning women - 1st draft April 2007
  • Ladyfest - Oct 07 .

see. I can do this bollocks!


Alex said...

zig a zig amen

Lucy Ann Wade said...

Congrats on finding out what you really care about. I'm doing my Youths play for Momentum even though it's not what they are looking for, but I don't care! And you can do it, you won't bollocks it up. Go you!