Thursday, February 01, 2007


Right The Grantsfor the Arts contacted me just before xmas promising me the grant, but its still not appeared in my account. this is what happened:
  • Xmas slows down the process
  • takes at least 15 days to appear anyway
  • htey got my bank detials wrong
  • now bank is being gay and REJECTING money being payed in!!!
  • my pay from my job has also been REJECTED (damn you Nationwide, you've ruined me!)

So my bank have stolen over £4000 from me and I'm not having a good time :(


morphean ramble said...

you've well put me off applying for money from the Arts council - it sounds like not only do you have to go through a load of rigmarole, but you also not only DON'T get any money, you in fact don't even get the salary you're entitled to...

having said that, you've put me off working and banking too, I think I'm going to amble off into the trees and live off berries and twigs... yum

Lucy Ann Wade said...

Oh I want to live in the wilderness too - so long as there is a working toilet and a shower!

morphean ramble said...

that's the thing about a hole in the ground, you can't really break it

you can fill it in, but then you just dig another one