Wednesday, January 10, 2007

the best character driven TV drama

obviously is Shameless. Absolutly wonderful and i really am a sucker for character driven bits and peices. Read a article in the metro this morning about how its wank, but i totally disagree. the focus was on the fact that shameless had lost too many of its lynchpin characters (KEv, Veronica, Fiona and Steve) but every time it looses a character it introduces new, more brilliant ones! the best example for this is marty with the tourettes, now the Maguire clan has moved next door and they have reintroduced Franks first wife and her lesbian lover... its just great!

in other news with me, i got a peircing (nose) and met a rather nice boy but its all early stages yet!


Lucy Ann Wade said...

You and your men, I don't know!!!

I love Shameless - was watching last night until Alex came round and interrupted me! Shame Kev and Veronica are gone though, but so glad it's back!

morphean ramble said...