Monday, January 22, 2007

cant be arsed

Ok, some of you may have nagged me about not updating the blog... s'not jus the blog thats been suffering...
i cant be arsed to:
  • update the blog
  • do any writing
  • do anything to do with Ladyfest
  • write my play
  • clean the bathroom
  • clean the kitchen
  • do my washing
  • change my bedsheets
  • see my friends
  • read
  • go to work
  • talk to people
  • watch soaps
  • go to the pub

and why is this? why is this? No. Its not because I have become so depressed psychosis 4.48 looks like a walk in the park... It's simply the opposite.

You see this terrible thing happens to writers wheich is similar of writers block but worse. When you have writers block you know and understand that somethings not right, your racked with guilt and self loathing. This is something different. I get distracted too easily.

and what the hell is distracting me?

Its a fucking BOY!

Fuck sake! It's a memeber of the opposite sex that I have a daft infatuation with that Is distracting me. If it was the whole petrarchian thing then I could at least churn out insincear sonnets about how great he is and never notices me but noooooooo

Fucking twat likes me too.

So thats basically what's been going on. I've been all loved up in stupid ways. All google eyed and turning into one of those people that I hate who "have songs" and buy valentine heart chocolates.

and you know what, I havent laughed so much IN YEARS!


Damien G Walter said...

Oh No!

Love isn't good for writing. Only true misery breeds true literature.

Which is why I write escapist fantasy. You can do that and maintain normal human relationships.

Try writing siomething with Elves in. Honestly, it might help.

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

NO! the hobbit bored me to tears as did Lord of the Rings! HA! wait till he breaks my heart then vitriol will commence!

morphean ramble said...

i feel it in my fingers

i feel it in my toes

Lucy Ann Wade said...

"Which is why I write escapist fantasy. You can do that and maintain normal human relationships."

Isn't that in breach of the 'geek code'? lol

Seb, I'm very happy for you? Think you should at least change the sheets though, love ;-D

Alex said...

Impro a little hip-hobbit.

Alex said...

Straight outta mordor!