Monday, January 29, 2007

Life sucks

monkeys. everything sucks at the moment. The Grants for the arts money still isnt in my account, my pay has gone walkabout (ie not in my account), the boiler is doomed at home and I told my housemate to fuck off this morning 'cos was too stressed, I stupidly agreed to do extra hours at work and I really, really dont want to.

Only thing that seems to be keeping me sane at the moment isnt writing plays, Ladyfesting or doing anyhinng like that, its looking at my novel and crying.

well, not exactly crying... I have decided in hmy infinate restructure to split the entire thing into quarters:
  • Toyland - Everyone knows this. Its the begining and the high focal point of the novel.
  • Beyond Toyland - kinda want to get a feeling of diminishing chaos.
  • Into REality - a shitty "oh my god! reality" bit that crashes into hte story and metaphorically sobers my characters and the story up!
  • Into the Void - my ending where everyone seems to have "lost" somehting that they once had in Toyland (nice and cheary there then!) "void" is a feeling rhather than an action.

well also am changing many things in hte novel. my overall theme of regression is strong but i erally need to explore everything fully.

stupid life.


Lucy Ann Wade said...

Think you need to blinker out your life and just concentrate on the plot. I know stuff is shit, but it's the hard times that make us who we are. And if you need a hot shower you can always come to mine!

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

cheaky mare! The shower is fixed now!