Sunday, December 24, 2006

The best xmas EVER

hi everyone, let me introduce you to hte best xmas EVER.

Right, 1st of all ... I never write about this 'cos not only does it destroy my "image" and my "style" but I've had real issues with my mum and dad.

I'm not going to go inot details but needless to say, i havent spoekn to them in a long while...

mum and dad turned up on my doorstep yesterday and y'now what, i dont care if it ruins my salebility I WAS SOOOO GLAD TO SEE THEM!!!

my mum has been following this blog (she say some of the comments are weird - i blame the alex's and some are so supportive - she mentioned you lucy!!!) and my writing career and (deep breth) I think hse might be PROUD!!!

none of you know what this meens to me!!!

its like being a kiddy again and really feeling that you've done soemthing right and (i hate to say it) being pro authority and eastablishment really floats my boat!!!

and after they left me ang and i cracked open a bottle of wine, forerro roche, and i had a bit of a cry.

AND ANG WAS SO PROUD!!! which means so much more!!!

And, mum, if your reading thins leave comments,k I value them so much! I'll see dad on the 29th and Ang, Lulu and i are making plans to see you in the new year (begin crying now! its not going to be fun for you!!! We'll eat all your nie food and then bugger off to Camden and get really drunk!)


poopy47000 said...

yay :) it's like a channel five matinee movie, happy endings galore! xxx

Lucy Ann Wade said...

I'm really glad everything was ok. God, all it needed was snow and it would have definitely been a channel five flick!