Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bad Influence

I'm a great one for believeing that stuff influences what I create and so I'm gonna make a list of what has had a genrally large impact in my life and how it manifests itself in my writing:
  • Britpop - I was a great fan of Britpop back in the day and The Colour of Magic possibly shows this more than other stories. Ironically enough I'll only listen to Blur and Oasis now and never bothered much then, I was more into Suede and Pulp and more of the flamboyant - male Britpop rather than the female pop-punk britpop like Elastica and Kenickie... Dunno. I think Britpop comes out in my writing in 2 ways. Overtly: Like the charcter of Doogie and the arguments in The Colour of Magic and more sutubly in style like the nihilistic / darker / navel gazing themes of Toyland and Daddy was like the Autumn.
  • Industrial - i got into industrial a bit later, and its more in the themes (although I'm sue that the boys-with-mohekians thing thats present in Summer 2000 is from this) rather then direct influences. its the pholosophy of human / machine / nihalistic style that tends to come out in work. esp. Daddy was like the Autumn.
  • Pop-punk - comes out in my wappy comedic-type plots that are moslty not so wappy and not so comedic. I like the silliness of it but i'm not very funny. I'm hoping to bestow this in my new play (working title Danvers)
  • Grrrl Rock - manifests itself in hte attitude of some female characters. Drawing heavily from figures from this movement its more present in hte drama like Sing,sing Death House and short stories like Medea.


  • Fight Club - I love the style and structure. I embody this is Medea quite a bit, like the sentiment too ("you are not a beautiful unique snowflake, god didnt want you...")
  • Early John hughes - now who wouldnt like to write dialouge like in The Breakfast Club???
  • Withnail and I - characters, pure characters. Arthur from Daddy was like the Autumn is very much Withnail based. I even wote a short story about the theatre that was very Withnail and I but in London rather than Penrith. (Black Books - alltho not technically a film also has a similar infuence)
  • Tim Burton Movies - its pure style! I like creating worlds! see Toyland.

I shant go into books 'cos every book tends to inspire me!


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Lucy Ann Wade said...

If you were looking to make some extra money, why go to a 'writer's blog'? Don't you know we're all starving artists?

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Alex said...

'Secret shopping' was what my mates and I used to call shoplifting.

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

yeah, I got arrested for that once!

morphean ramble said...

you bunch of crims, the worst thing i ever done was blow up shotgun cartridges down the alley near my house

oh, and there was this business in ipswich one time, but i won't bore you with the details

Alex said...

Are you suggesting that you are the real identity of Jack the secret shopper?