Monday, December 18, 2006

Popular Culture

Very strange, when I was doing the tour of blogs I noticed that Charisse put a comment on Lucy's saying that its the prettiest blog ever, Morph and Alex's blogs are just weird and mine seems to be really overpopulated with popular culture, esp with the pictures.

It's far too colourful and dark at the same time. I'm getting worried about my contrasting tastes and style... Makes me look odd and bizzare, like I'm wishy washy and flakey. :(

and I do like Lilly Allen. Want to do Lilly Allen Karioke...

with gin.

1 comment:

Lucy Ann Wade said...

Well, my blog is pretty!

I think it shows that you are eclectic, rather than wishy washy. And I like your blog, though it's a bit dark (ie the background colour) for me, though it works well for you.