Sunday, December 17, 2006

Am I right?

I submitted stories to quatrecento magazine and monday night lit mag and i have that awful sinking feeling that perhaps I'm not the type of writer they like to promote...

It's all the "reserch your market" business that I never really do very well perfering just trial and error, It was when I was scrolling through pictures of all the past writers that they had published that I felt a bit "hmmm"

And It was simply by looking at them... the pictures I mean, all of the submitees were over fifty, all were white, all the guys had lost their hair...

So that leads me to really think who would like to publish my stuff? I really am not too sure if there are any young "funky" (hate that word) mags out there tha would like hte ramblings of meeeee, hmmm.

If anybody knows of anywhere suitable then please do tell me...!!!

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Lucy Ann Wade said...

Well done for sending off material again. I really need to send off more stuff.
I always wanted to start my own publishing house when I was younger, but after I graduated, I couldn't get a job in publishing for love nor money.
Just keep trying Seb - you can always be the exception to the white haired rule!