Sunday, December 10, 2006

I'm going emo

The past 24 hours have been crazy. Absolutly crazy.

About midday yestaerday I left my house to meet with my friend Corinne and we were going to go to Nandos and get lunch. Corinne wanted to chat to me about the whole "Hans" situation (and for those opf you who don't know - yes, its deffo over. and No, I never want to have annother boyfriend ever again, too much emotional wreckage!) As I was waiting for Corinne at town hall square there were female moris dancers from Loughborough doing the Morris...
Anyway, We decided to go for a wwhite russian before nandos (bad, bad move) and went to firefly (i refuse "bug") wherepon Marv's sister (Marv being a slightly retarded old school mate of mine and Corinne's boyfriend) came over really pissed. she had finished wwork at 5am and hadnt slept and had 3 hours before going to wwork. she was crying over her father and totally hysterical and mental. Its really bad when you cant get served in the pub you work in...
Anyway, we talked Marv's sister into going home and getting some rest before her shift started and Corinne and I sat don to a nice bottle of wine... Then my phone rang and it was my best mate Angie who has also split up with her cunty boyfriend Mark a few days before "Hans" and I finished. She wwas bawling, really bad. Thought she was going to kill herself.
So corinne and I got hte fly staff to put hte bottle behind the bar for us and were going to get it back later. we ran back to the narb and angie wwas in and her cunty ex was about making dinner. she didnt know he was coming bak, i had phoned Lucy H on the way and she turned up at Angies. We really are good mates, we rally round!

Mark refused to leave. he can be a bigger cunt than i can even make up. we were going to levae and go back to mine and Lucy H's but Ang's keys had mysteriously vanished.. I Called my mate little Alex to ome over and paify mark. I was going to stay the night at angies, we'd share her bed, but you have to remember ang hadnt slept for more than about 5 hours over the past 4 days. she was in shock and fragile.

Didnt help that mark was discussing the girl he had slept with the night before when Little Alex and JW Bennett turned up. they all sat aboput until 7ish in the morning "contemplationg the universe" they didnt like it when i pointed out that the entire conversation was bollocks and plato 101 from a level philosophy, they liked it even less when i said that i had previously studied their religion argument at gcse sociology - boys, itscalled secularisation... look it up on wikipedia...

Angie was mental, crying and falling aout and not coping. i made her get about an hours sleep and she fell asleep on the bathroom floor. at 7ish mark suddenly turned and kicked her out of the flat, i went with ehr and she called her stepdad billy sparkles.

Good ole Billy Sparkles, he picked us up outside the spar and we went to angies mums house. angie had a bath and got some sleep. i watched hollyoaks and grabed a shower. angies mum made sunday roast (melon followed by prok chops and stuffing with home made rice pudding - yum!) and i relised that the last time i had eaten was friday some time, it was now sunday, granted angie wwas worse than me, but i eat all the time. havent been like this for a long time.

and then mark called ang and said she had to go home and make dinner for him. WHAT!!!

and os she said no he told her to come and get her stuff from the flat before he trashed the whole lot.

so she called his parents hoping they would talk sence into him.

Marks mum called back saying no. the flat is now marks and angie had to get her things out tonight. mark and his dad were going to hte pub.

bearing in mind this flat is 100%, rent bills, tenancy agreement all in the name angela wesley. NOT Mark Wilkins.

and then there was the cat to consider.

Milly is the fattest, most spoilt (and now traumatised) creature belonging to the cat family there is. she now lives on my stairs.

Billy sparkles, angies mum, me, hysterical angie and (somehow) Josh went over to the flat to get the cat, get most of angies stuff and scarper to angies mums. when we arrived it was a tip, marks p[arents were sat at his feet indulging the veruca salt wannabe and JW Bennett was asleep in Angies bed. the cat was under it and refusing to move.

Josh tipped up the bed (JW Bennett did not stir from his slumber) and i went uder it to get the cat. no sucess.

JW Bennett woke up and said "I feel like I'm being evicted! Where's Alex?" to Angies mum.

we got the cat. JW said he would try and calm mark down who was fing and blinding at angela. his mum and dad did nothing.

and tehn we got back to mine all had a cup of tea and i promptly burst into tears about Lee.

there is a story in this somehwhere.


Lucy Ann Wade said...

I know that story is really tragic and traumatic, but it was really entertaining to read first thing on a Monday morning!
Hope everyone is ok and settled down now.

And Eat, people! You are not skag hags, and eating nice food will make you feel better.

See you later. xx

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

Just had the most fantastic chic pea curry and egg rice for lunch so am feeling much better. its stress related bollocks, still keep feeling dizzy like am about to faint every 5 mins

Alex said...
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Alex said...

It's your own fault. All of you.
For fancying dickheads.

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

I think something just happens to the male brain when they get into a relationship with wonderful, intelegent, beautiful women like myself and Charisse and Angela and Lucy(s). It's called the "asshole" gene that kicks in and takes over. (sometimes - as Alex has proven - it dosent even have to hapen in that way - the "arogance" default settings just happen. Its like restoring your phone to hte factory settings)

poopy47000 said...

all men are bastards. I don't want to be at work today :(

Alex said...

Eh? What? What have I proved?...I've proved something in a bad way haven't I?

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

Actually was pissed off with world when wrote that (esp aimed at you)
then got your letter and USB in post and felt guilty...

but didnt apologiese 'cos am better than that!

(actually, sorry Alex - tresure that moment - Hayleys commet will come round again before I tend to apologise / admit I'm wrong)

Jag said...

I've just come across this thread, where was I when all this was kicking off? How is everyone?