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Well it looks liek the other blog that I had to start up because Google is terrible didnt transpire well and they gave me my old one back! here are all the psots that i made on the old one! Sorry People!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


well, Inspired by Hannah and her rant entry on her blog it really made me think what annoys me and I think is wrong in the world. this was a pretty hard thing for me to do as most of the time I'm just a retard masqurading as a genious (*cough, cough*) or perhaps the other way round! Muhahahahahaha!

Anyway - what annoys me? Why does it annoy me and why do I feel that an entire blog post should be devoted to my comments on the grandmasterflash that is life?

Firstly, I'm usually silent and dippy in "meaning of the universe" / "politics" / "philosophy" / "religion" type conversations, simply because I came to the conclusions a long time ago that my opinion dont count for shit in hte grand scheeme of things. I'm not being all whiney and "poor me", I'm quite naturally apathetic towards most of the world and the ramblings of a not-so middle class girly with stinky hair isn't gonna change the world, or make anyone sit up and take notice so why bother? Secondly, it really grates on me that I might feel that my opinion is more valid than any others. I'm no authority on anything. I'm just annother person living on this blue and green sphere that's just as insignificant enough as the next person. Thirdly, I have no confidence in my education, sure, I went to uni and swallowed a massive pill of essays and books by people who may be more elequont and coherent than me, but it seemed somewhat fake... like a bunch of people just saying the same thing again and again and never really coming to any conclusions....

anyway - why am i doing a ranty blog again? Oh, yeah, to vent my aggression that is usually squashed down into a little ball of anger inside me.

I actually hate them. There is no reason why, well, no real reason other than they taste horrid and quack and look slightly rubbish. They seem arogant and daft. Weird seeing as my fave Disney character was Donald duck as a kid...

Oh, and I thought the theme tune to Duck Tales was cool as well.

Sting is rubbish. even The Police are terrible because of Sting.

David Bowie
Is mean to his mother. I met her once and she was in a care home stinking of her own urine and jabbering nonsence. Also his mullet and lumpy leggings scarred the living beJesus out of me as a kiddy. He hunts my nightmares. He gave my mum a ham once and I wouldnt go near it.

Violent Crackheads
Who are lovely one minuite and you can really relate to them and stuff, but are complete assholes towards poor people who work in the service industry. then they decide that you are against them too because you have pointed out that perhaps the poor waiter / usher / postman was simply doing his job and then decide that the entire world is against them and get violent and destructive. these are the type of people that you manhandle out of your house becuse they are being unreasonable and they decide that instead of going somewhere else to sleep that night or perhaps reasoning with you, they will piss through the letter box onto the carpet.
Posh Foodies
Ok, I like cooking. I do. I'm not a Foodie as such, but I like to create a good meal and then eat it. "The Boyfriend" once told me that he was given a pot noodle and his mum and dad made him eat it outside. Makes me MAD! Snobbery!!! I grew up on a diet of Angel Delight, Panda Pops and Mcdonalds and it really didnt do me any harm.

People that Love Themsleves
And not only are they not good looking, they are often not very nice personalities as well. Some are closet PTLT People and it only becomes apparent when a camera is pointed at them. Some sit and talk about how great they are for HOURS! Jesus! Shut the fuck up! Your ego is the size of Manhatten!

Strength Through Criticism
Is a wonderful female chinese thang that is heirarchial and appears in the matriarchal side of the family. It's simply the older ("ahmah") critizises the younger women in the family CONSTANTLY until they become perfect. Perfect in the workplace, perfect for marriage, etc... this transpires down the generations to the youngest member. It happens in Western Familys also but is more hidden. In chinese culture its actively encouraged and simply a part of life.
Man, it sux.

Overpriced Shite
Habitat is guilty of this. Joy and Marks and Spensers - I've got my eye on you!

Size Zero
Less said about this the better. If we all ignore it then maybe it'll just go away. Either that or those stupid enough to try it will die of mallnutrition.

Ok, not strictly a hatrid. Mullets are cool to laugh at (Pat Sharpe). But the designer Mullet topped up with Topshop fashion needs to be scourged from the earth.
"The Boyfriends" Compliments
"Oh, Your wearing Make Up. You look hidious"
"Sabrina, you're very well fed"
"You're the only person here with normal eyebrows" (ie. 'cos I cant be arsed to pluck them)

The Council and Jobcenter Plus
When all I'm doing is a simple request like "can I get some more budgeting loan forms please?" I have to call round 30 different numbers and then get the request passed onto a supervisor. What if I was in real need? All the confusion and red tape and streamlining down of services makes the service impossible to access for those who need it. Its fucking Bollocks. If you really are in a crisis, you need money to make the 30 phone calls. It's possibly easier just to starve.

The Boyfriend

Well I mentioned him in the last post and he'll never forgive me if I don't explain.

It's very perculiar because a lot of my prose lies around the chick-lit dynamic of boy-girl manipulative realitionships, that and a mixture of modern fairy tale mythology and imagry / symbolism. In fact "The Boyfriend" tried to convince me to rewrite the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast. I'm not too sure if I really want to do that, but hey, I know where he's coming from.

To get a better understanding of my writing then look at this
I know many of you have seen it and its possibly not bothered linking cos blogger is shit, but you get the drift...

Anyway - tons of my stuff is very down on realtionships, or relationships that are destructive in some way, shape or form. It's all anti marriage and anti boys to some degree ("The Boyfriend" calls it "Man hating rants").

And then there is my reality.

Ok, I have had some shitty relationships in the past. Guys who are manipulative, lazy, selfish, boring, violent, sexually repressed, sexually far too active (ie. not with me and often behind my back!), drug addicts, alcholic, Racist, arogant and with no sence of humour. This all goes into my writing. But now I'm actually with someone who's quite nice (but not too nice) and its made me be all rose tinted eyeballs (the lazy eye as well!) and its difficult to keep up with the "All realtionships are crap" motif.

I should stop whinging and just grow up! Write something that hugh Grant could act in!!!

Oh, and if your wondering... No I'm not going out with David Hasslehoff, Just his hair double.

Flippin 'Ek!

well I've taken the day off work. The express purpouse of this time off in lew is to get mermaids up and running off the damned ground and sort out my thoughts regarding annother play for hte playwrites studio tonight. Rubbish. I'm deffo not gonna bother doing any of that shit. I'ts amazing that I got up really, but that was more to do with the fact that "The Boyfriend" had work and had to travel to lovely Loughborough (which means waking up at a fairly unreasonable time - which means me waking up aswell).

Anyway, enough about him. He'd talk about himself all day and all night if he could and really dosent need me mentioning him. the plays.... the plays.... I have no idea what is happeneing with "The Plays". what the hell am I doing? I mean really now. I've got 1/2 of Mermaids and Drowning Women sorted, and I know what direction its going (ie: I know hte end) Its just the action thats bothering me. all my characters do is begin in an odd setting or perform one powerful action while monolouge begins and speaks... I dunno. next logical step would really to just have The Mermaid and Ophelia talking about Kirsten and her life. Its the creshendo of Eric, so somewhat poiniant that Kirsten's sub-egos are the only things present onstage, and I want to keep the image of the bath. So... I dunno... Its all coming out a bit arty-wanky and pretentious, but to be fair, its only cos its bonkers but really controlled bonkersness (which cant be such a possible thing?) It's so differnt from Sing, Sing and other things I've written. Its blatently Wacky and odd rather than just being a grotesque parody of reality (ie: gritty realism thats so real its gotta be fake).

And the other play? The one for playwrites studio and Stephen Lowe? Dunno. Aint the foggiest. Possibly something nutty. I've got a bit of a thing for someone thats made of stars and hanging from the celing but beyond that I think my real story would be about an old man who dies alone... Fantasy and Lonliness are possibly my key points. He's so lonley that he fantasises about a weird life (v. neverending story), or that Fantasy breeds lonliness? the fact that he's so wrapped up in his fantasy world that he can't see that its making him lonley? Also dreams and really being asleep are possibly some type of key here (V. Neil Gaiman - possibly he'll not notice!)

Monday, April 2, 2007

oh for fuck's sake!!!!

Now I'm getting angry! you cant even click on the link thingy! i really hate hte modern world sometimes. The modern world is what makes me smoke and curse and cry and take pills that send me loopy enough to remove and rip the wallpaper off my walls in some violent outrage of hatred and fuming fury! I get so frustrated sometimes with all of this. Why did they have to change it? It was fine before. It comes so easy for some people to crete something like this damned thing. and I, well, I have to arse about with all of this fucking bollocks and get myslef into a tizzy to the point of pulling out my dreadlocks with damned frustration.

grrrrr! grrrrrr! grrrrrr!

its bloody annoying.

So here is a nice picture of me looking like a Hippy on Fosse Rec. It was actually taken by a hippy I know called Lucy Hunt and when you take magic mushrooms your brain becomes exactly like Lucy's.

my old blog

which i was really proud of :(

blogger? blogger? who the fuck is blogger?

Damn blog problems. its been 3 months now and i've been unable to succesfully do things to my blog simply because blogger has gone all beta. i have no idea what the hell beta is to be fair. its a real pain in hte arse. am trying to get somehting up and running now and links and things so maintainace is now a real issue

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