Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Love of my Life

Is a cat called Vince. Ok, he's Charisse's cat but I really have fallen for him.

When he first arrived he was a bit scratchy and bitey. He seems to have a natural mardy disposition. Josh thought he was a witches familar.

The other night he managed to squeese himself under a chest of draws. Vince is quite a monster so it really did defy the laws of physics. He was having a real mardy becuse it was friday the 13th, to be fair all things that were naturally mardy were having one that night (boyfriend included).

I have decided that Vince is now my boyfriend and Alf is the pet. Alfie can sleep at the bottom of the bed.

I managed to kick Vince out of bed last night and he made the weird noise that he does. he's become a bit jumpy now and is reluctant to sleep on the bed, perfering my dirty washing !

Oh, and Hoffmole says he saw him "spank" Howard once!


Lucy Ann Wade said...

And Hoffmole doesn't mind this new arrangement?

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

Hoffmole is my pet, Vince is my boyfriend!