Monday, April 16, 2007

Getting it done

Yesterday I broke through the "barrier" of my Mermaid play and through into the climatic scene. When I write plays I'm a little odd. Firtly I write random things on bits of paper and draw boxes round them, secondly, I write a scene on paper with pen (hopefully sat in the sunshine, rather than sat about inside sheltering from the rain) and then I redraft when I type it up. Therefore, any draft that is stored on a computer is a second draft for me, no matter what stage of plat the development is in (eg: It could ony have 3 scenes and the scenes are 2nd draft. the rest of the play hasnt been written yet!)

Well my plotting and planing and writing needs to be 2nsd drafted and I looked over at my writing desk this morning and really couldnt facee it. why? because it was covered in filth.
Here is an itenary of things that I've just tried to et rid of.
  • broken printers
  • dirty laptop
  • wireless usb thingy
  • make up wipes
  • ash
  • cups
  • necklaces
  • hair ties
  • hole punch
  • Hoffmole's play
  • bookchair
  • Dragon Ball Comic
  • The Complete works of Christian Anderson
  • The complete works of George Orwell
  • The Complete Works of Shakespeare
  • zigzags
  • tampax
  • Busted's first album (dont ask)
  • 2006 diary
  • 3 notepads
  • 2 empty wine bottles
  • 3 ashtrays
  • photos of people I dont know
  • Angela's fake tan (???)
  • lettrs from the arts council
  • a bookchair
  • floppy disks
  • a broken iPod (dark crystal)
  • Sid and Nancy (film)
  • a small plastic Miffy
  • Glasses
  • Pair of Sissors
  • elbowlength gloves made from tights
  • sure crystal deoderant
  • a copy of Select from 1992
  • a sofa referral form
  • pistashio shells
  • no lighters!!!
You see, having all this shit piled up in your workspace cant be productive. I dont mean I'm suddenly into Feng Sui, but really, people. I'm so lazy, I NEED to tidy up once in a while!

and now all this shit is piled on my bed...


Wysiwyg said...

Hello! I'm here to post random comments as I have no life and nothing better to do. Anyway, this made me laugh 'cos that's how I tidy up. Spend ages dumping stuff on the bed so you can hoover, go downstairs and forget all about it, rediscover it many hours later when you're knackered, dump it back on the floor/desk/rat cage so you can sleep. Ho hum. I hope the play is coming on ok anyway. (This is Lizzie by the way, not some random stalker.)

Sabrina Mei-Li Smith said...

Hey Lizzie! Alf explained that it would be you advocating the squished face of Howard rather than Eddy or charisse! play is going rubbish, I have one scene to write that I cant be bothered to do!