Friday, April 20, 2007

If you look at your reflection... is it all you want to see?

Well, party people. I've some to the last scene in Mermiads and Drowning Women and here is the jist...
As you know the planning process, I split it up into 4 parts: drugs, eric, norm, death... well, as the play is only 45 mins max i changed it and cut out "Norm" as i reconed that so much of the stream of consiousness and crazy ramblings of a twentysomething dreddie would go on far too long...
I've now written my climatic scene. The penultimate and first scene are the best by far. The climatic scene is "Death" (ie. Kirsten is dead) or maybe thats all that the audience were looking at in hte first place?
this scene has much more action in it. I'm not too sure if "Love" section is totally needed, but she is Kirsten's shadow self and spurs her on (or so it seams) to tke blind leaps of faith, so perhaps it is whats needed.
Ophelia and Love are more joined in some ways. Mermaid is the mother and heroin. Eric is the cataclyst.

If anybody wants to read the finished article and give me some feedback just drop me a comment or send me an email.

On other notes I now have to think of the play for the Studio... all i can think of is people made of stars and an old man who has a very limited life. I dunno why. It might work better as a 2 hander, I think i need to watch Lost in Translation as I've never seen it and it sounds intresting.

In the social aspect of the world, there is some kind of dub night on tonight at the music cafe. Hoffmole and I might be attending. Angela is also having a BBQ on Saturday evening.

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