Sunday, April 15, 2007

I've had a good day

Well, it didnt start good. Firstly, I woke up with an impending sence of dread over Eddy's Bar-B-Q that he had planned for this evening, regarding freeloading Libra's who want to get fed and beer'd for free, Scendly the pot and pan cupbord vomited its entire contents over my feet and all 3 of the cats escaped. I trust vince to lol about in a flower pot in the sunshine, and to some extent I trust howard with the ugly face not to leave the decking, but Milly is new and prone to get ran over/ eaten by dog/ lost.

Anyway - back to the productivity. I sat in the sunshine with the cats and rewrote a scene ive been working on and really broke through with some key points. I've now relised:

  • Kirsten and Eric break up before her death
  • the surface reason why they break up is because of her drug use
  • Kirsten uses Heroin because she dos'nt believe that Eric can really like her and she doubts his authenticity
this then feeds into The Mermaid and Ophelia. Both of them were dumped and disregarded by their "princes" in their tales (excuse unintended pun) and have a lack of trust for men. they almost "bully" Kirsten into using heroin and can be interpreted as peices of her psyche. Also the audince never really get to know if Eric really does love her sincearly or not. He pleads with ehr to get clean but if anybody knows the mentality of an adict you say anyhting to sort them out.

Anyway - this has to be short. the Boyfriend is doing some "cat politics" (dont ask) and Eddy's Bar-B-Q needs some sorting out before it happens.

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