Thursday, September 28, 2006

Valentines Day

Once, when I was going to college somebody had grafittied and flypostered a Valentine's message on about 7 walls, all leading up to the uni. It was along the lines of "It's valentines day... guess who your secret admirer is" and I thought it was quite cool (I'm easily impressed) and a bit of me wanted it to be for me (allthough I knew from word go that the guy I was seeing at the time was far too self absorbed to bother with anything like that!)
So now I want to write a story about it. Perhaps make it so The message "follows" my protagonist all the way to work and she/he knows it's not for them but a bit of them convinces themselves and perhaps also the reader that it could be... but obviously its not and its all fantasy vs reality and things. Like wishful thinking vs cynicism or somehting.
Anyway, it's better than the weird "run away to Norwich" fantasys I've been having! I mean Norwich! I'm allergic to that city!

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