Friday, September 08, 2006

the stolen story

the 2 out of work actors and the playwrite should all me male and one of them seems useless with girls and gets together with the male playwrite as a kind of "surprise" ending.
Its great writing this as I suddenly have a vocal poin for my animosity and real efeelings about theatre!
trouble is, I Love writing plays... just hate all the bullshit that goes with it!
I need to stop being so fucking miserable and write what they want me to. I need to seem intrested in what people are saying really when I am not. I need to stop innatly hating "loviee" type actors and smile more.
Man! if I do all that I'll end up dead in a bath with my wrists cut one of these days!
Perhaps I'll just cary on doing what I'm doing and hope that the tide will change and Sarah Kane style shocking drama will become more popular again...
Royal Court here I Come!


Lucy Ann Wade said...

I think even the Royal Court is a lot more conservative than it used to be (take a look at the current new plays it is producing if you don't believe me!). Don't try to conform to anyone's ideals. If it's good enough, then someone will be willing to 'risk' putting it on. Beats sitting through some Jamacian love island/refugee testimonial piece of ****

Alex said...

Four stars! wow, you must really have enjoyed it to give it that rating.