Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sing,Sing Death House

Fuck me! I really need to get a better title for my play... its only got this title 'cos I looked up at my CD rack and that was the first album I saw and I needed a title for Momentum and everyone else had titles, titles before they'd even written the plays, I'm sure!
Anyway - I'm rewriting and have discovered the diference between rewriting and redrafting!
1. Redrafting is where you go through and nitpic little bits
2. Rewriting is exactly what it says on the tin. you keep your characters, situation and drive of the scene and rewrite it on to seprate paper / document.
and now I have reached "The Zone" (hehehe) ie, I actually feel like I have connected with the peice and feel that I can actually do what I do best and that's shout at everyone and play music really loud, not eat or sleep for 2 days, I sit up and write as everyone tries to tempt me to the pub with offers of free pints.
Anway... For once its going well!

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